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Denbigh celebrates the Year of Reading

7 April 2008

Students and teachers across Denbigh High School have had their heads buried in their books even more than usual recently as the whole school came together to celebrate the Year of Reading. Students and teachers participated in a whole school reading session during two periods over two days and many more activities have been held across the school.

2008 is the National Year of Reading which aims to build the nations passion for reading in England for people young and old. World Book Day also took place on the 6th March and is another major event in the calendar to commemorate reading. There are a number of other reading related events throughout this year.

Denbigh High School has been involved in various reading initiatives during March which have included special assemblies, whole school reading sessions and a leaflet focusing on the topic was given to every student during registration. The leaflet included a 1 token entitling the holder to have either a pound off any book purchased, or to use it to collect one of 9 specially produced 1 books (from participating bookshops).

The leaflet also advertised the latest supply of a new range of fiction books at Denbigh library and as a result over 100 students visited the library at break time alone.

Denbigh High School's Acting Headteacher, Stuart Moore said:

Developing literacy has always been a part of our uncompromising focus on achievement in the core subject areas and the National Year of Reading presents us with many opportunities to provide even more enjoyable learning experiences for our students

Future Denbigh High School Reading Calendar events will include a book sale and a visit by a well known author.