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Dame Yasmin joins the government's new Expert Group

6 October 2008
Schools Secretary Ed Balls has announced changes to strengthen the school accountability system and reform the assessment system at Key Stage 3 and as part of this has established a small expert group' to advise on the proposed arrangements and their delivery.
Our very own Dame Yasmin Bevan has been chosen to join this group because of her exceptional contribution to education on a local and national level.
The Group will operate within the parameters set out by the Secretary of State, which were summarised in his oral statement to the House of Commons of 14 October 2008.
The group's advice will be developed to ensure that the country ends up with a testing and assessment system that:
- gives parents the information they need to compare different schools, choose the right school for their child and then track their child's progress;
- provides head teachers and teachers with the information they need to assess the progress of every child and their school as a whole, without unnecessary burdens or bureaucracy;
- allows the public to hold national and local government and governing bodies to account for the performance of schools.
The group will have access to advice from leading academics, parents and other experts in the field of testing and school accountability. Ofsted and QCDA will be invited to attend meetings of the group as observers and a secretariat for the expert group will be provided by the DCSF.