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Pupil Premium

  • Rationale:

    · Our core aim is to raise the attainment and progress of pupils eligible for pupil premium funding so that their performance compares favourably with Non-Pupil Premium peers nationally.

    ·  Address inequalities in education of pupils from low-income families and raise attainment of these pupils.

    What we expect to see:

    Outstanding teaching and learning is paramount to the progress of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. This remains a consistent and relentless focus. In addition to this, targeted intervention and support strategies are deployed in order to:

    ·  improve levels of attainment and progress;

    · close attainment gaps relative to national averages;

    · enhance reading, writing, mathematics and communication skills;

    · engage and develop learning through a comprehensive extra-curricular provision;

    · Subsidising enriching experiences that disadvantaged pupils might otherwise miss;

    · have a clear focus on all disadvantaged pupils, including those with SEND and more able pupils and

    ·  support pupils in becoming aspirational, confident and successful learners


    Developments for 2016/17

    The following areas of focus have been planned for this academic year, in addition to the strategies detailed for 2015/16. We are confident that these new strategies coupled with what we know had high impact in 2015/16 will continue to raise achievement and improve the life chances for these children.

    ·       Develop the Assertive Mentoring Programme even further, which proved extremely successful in the last two academic years.

    ·       Increased staffing in Maths and English in order to provide further targeted tuition and intervention groups.

    ·       Create an even bigger focus group for the more able students who are eligible for pupil premium.

    ·       Continue to develop and deliver high quality CPD focusing on the pedagogy for teaching more able pupils.

    ·       Create a new Deputy Headteacher role with a specific focus on personalised provision and aspiration

    ·       Purchasing of new software to help with the tracking of progress for all pupils to enable us to closely monitor sub-groups within the Pupil Premium cohort.


Evaluation and impact of 2015/16

The figures above represent an overspend of the allocated Pupil Premium by £15,597 which we feel was necessary to support the achievement of these students.