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We work closely with the schools in our Trust and the Chiltern Teaching School Alliance to improve the quality of provision for all students across the age-ranges. As a result of our close partnership with these schools and a number of other schools locally and nationally, our staff benefit from excellent professional development, and our students have several opportunities to work closely with students from other schools and age-groups. This collaboration is a key feature in ensuring that we are always learning and improving and helps us maintain our national reputation for excellence.

Here are some examples of how our school is benefitting from this partnership:

  • We recruit staff we have already trained through the Chiltern Training Group, thus ensuring we have the best new staff for our school.
  • Staff have opportunities to carry our CPD programmes with other schools, so enriching their development.
  • All programmes are carefully quality assured and have an excellent track record in improving classroom and leadership practice.
  • Staff are encouraged to carry out action research with colleagues from other schools and in partnership with local Universities, ensuring their practice is always up-to-date and relevant.
  • There are excellent career opportunities for staff to develop their roles as coaches and mentors, or supporting other school as Specialist Leaders in Education.
  • School-to-school review ensures we test ourselves against the best and that staff are used to being observed and sharing excellent practice.


A Denbigh student and a Challney student standing together