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Terms and Conditions



Hirers should indicate the exact facilities e.g. Sports Hall, Changing Facilities etc and state what, if any equipment is required for the booking. They should also provide copies of any publicity concerning the hire prior to distribution.


At least twenty‑one days notice is required for the hire of premises. The governing body holds a Premises Licence under the terms of the Licensing Act 2003. If the hire application involves licensable activities as defined in the Act, hirers are required to make contact with the Schools Designated Premises Supervisor at the time of application for hire.


Payment must be made at least 1 week before the booking commences.


The hours of hiring must include time preparing for the booking and cleaning up following the booking.


The hirer shall agree to repay the school all expenses which may be incurred by them in cleaning, repairing, making good or replacing any part of the school buildings or the contents thereof which may be lost, damaged or destroyed in consequence of the hirer’s use of the school. Any deposit will be offset against such charge.


Cancellation of hire must be sent in writing to reach the School not later than 7 days before the start date of the booking. If written cancellation is not received by the School for any reason, the hirer will still be liable for the full hire unless the School in its absolute discretion waives the whole or any part thereof


The charges for hire will be those in force on the date of hire. If charges are increased between the date of application and actual date of hire, then a supplementary charge will be made.


Hirers should note that no VAT is payable on lettings in respect of sports facilities under the following conditions:



The series consists on 10 or more bookings.



Each session is for the same sport or activity



Each session is in the same place, although different pitch, court or lane, or different number of pitches, may be varied, however there is no exception for intervals greater than 14 days through closure of the facility for any reason.



The interval between each session is at least 1 day but no more than 14 days. The duration of the sessions may be varied, however there is no exception for intervals greater than 14 days through closure of the facility for any reason.



The series is to be paid for as a whole and there is written evidence to the fact. This must include evidence that payment is to be made in full whether or not the right to use the facility for any specific session is actually exercised. Provision for a refund given by the provider in the event of the unforeseen non-availability of their facility would not affect this condition.



The facilities are let out to a school, club, association or an organisation representing affiliated clubs or constituent associations, such as a local league.



The person to whom the facilities are let has exclusive use of them during the sessions.


In case of fire, hirers should familiarise themselves with escape routes and the location of the fire extinguishers, fire alarms and exit doors. It is the responsibility of hires to seek this information from the school staff prior to making use of the premises. Some school premises do not have emergency lighting systems with illuminated exit signs. Where such a system does not exist (or where it would need supplementing for evacuation purposes), hirers should make alternative arrangements for evacuations of the premises, using nominated stewards with torches where appropriate. If a fire should break out, hirers should make every effort to call the Fire Station.


Hirers should familiarise themselves with the full list of Regulations for the use of the school premises outside of school hours, available from the School.


Hirers should provide their own first aid supplies and have at least one person in attendance who is qualified to administer first aid. All accidents and dangerous occurrences should be reported to the duty staff


Food and drink should not be consumed in any of the sports facilities.


The applicant or responsible adult nominated on their behalf shall be present and in charge throughout the duration of each letting and be the contact for the duty staff.


Where use of the pool is requested, the hirer must provide their own Lifeguards and submit proof of valid, recognised qualifications to the school with the application forms. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that the Lifeguards are familiar with and understand the swimming operating procedures and determining the level of Lifeguard provision taking into account a risk assessment including (but not exhaustive) the nature of the activities, the abilities of people attending the session, experience of staff, length of booking, equipment being used etc. this should be considered alongside the Swimming Pool Operating Procedure)


The hirer must hold appropriate public liability insurance cover and indemnify the school for all and any claims from participants in the hirers event. Proof of holding a valid, paid up, policy must be submitted to the school with the application form. If hirers do not hold appropriate cover and application may be made to extend the Councils policy for which an additional charge will be made. Further details are available from the school.


The hirer is required to provide evidence of enhanced CRB checks, First Aid, Coaching, lifeguard qualifications and Child Protection Policy – this varies according to the nature of the booking. For further information on this please see separate table available from the School. This will need to be provided to the School prior to confirming of the booking and at least 1 week before start date