Denbigh High School

"High achievement for all is our shared responsibility"

Prospectus/Information Booklet

You can view a copy of our latest prospectus here:

PDF icon 2018-2019 Denbigh High School Prospectus/Information Booklet (Pdf)

Ofsted Reports and Review Documents


Ofsted Reports

You can download copies of the Ofsted reports here:

PDF icon 2007 Ofsted Inspection Report (Pdf)

PDF icon 2007 Ofsted Citizenship Report (Pdf)



QAR Reports

Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review
The Quality Assurance Review found indicators that Denbigh High School appears to be firmly within the Outstanding grade as judged by Ofsted in the school’s previous Ofsted report.

The Quality Assurance Review also accredits Pupil Premium and Progress - achieving successful outcomes for learners identified as eligible for Pupil Premium (PP) as the area of excellence for 2017.

You can view the Denbigh High School Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review reports here:

PDF icon 2016 Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review Report

PDF icon 2017 Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review Report