Denbigh High School

"High achievement for all is our shared responsibility"

Leadership Team 2017-2018

“Leaders are fiercely ambitious for their pupils.” 

Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review 2017

Front row left to right

Razna Choudhury - Associate Assistant Headteacher (TLL for Mathematics)

Erin Corder – Assistant Headteacher – Pupil well-being and behaviour for learning

Jess Pather – Deputy Headteacher – Teaching, learning and assessment

Sandrine Florand – Assistant Headteacher –Achievement and intervention

Helen Holley – Assistant Headteacher – CPD, coaching and appraisal

Wendy Wells – Director of Assessment and Network Services

Back row left to right

Emma Darcy – Director of Technology for Learning

Charles Peprah – Associate Assistant Headteacher (TLL for Science)

Donna Neely – Deputy Headteacher – Aspiration and ambition

Colin Townsend – Headteacher

Ian Douglas – Senior Deputy Headteacher – Personal development behaviour and welfare

Chris Carter – Assistant Headteacher – Inclusion and support of learning

Ash Choudhury – Assistant Headteacher – Provision and stakeholder engagement

Hannah Harwood – Associate Assistant Headteacher – Inclusion (YTLL for Year 11)