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Visit from Year 7’s French Pen Pals

On the 6th and 7th of June pupils at Denbigh were able to speak face to face with their French Pen Pals who travelled all the way to England from Paris for two days of learning and fun.

On the 6th the 25 French students and their teachers visited Denbigh High School to meet and socialise with their Year 7 pen pals. They were delighted to meet them and offered students lovely hand painted tote bags! Both French and British students then took part in a bilingual quiz about French and British culture, before attending a maths lesson.

On the 7th June, our Year 7 students went to London to meet their pen pals and share some of the British culture. We went to Buckingham Palace, ate lunch in St James’s park, and visited the Natural History Museum where students discovered all they could about dinosaurs. The French students even got a chance to experience the great British weather with the group having to find shelter from the torrential rain throughout the day! We ended our trip by an emotional goodbye to the French group in front of the museum, with the promise of meeting again.

“I really enjoyed the trip as I got to talk to my pen pal and practice my speaking skills.” – James McLean, 72

“The pen pal trip was amazing. Beside the bad weather, we got to do many exciting things. We went to a museum, and it was extremely fun.”  Melissa Penscov, 72