Denbigh High School

"High achievement for all is our shared responsibility"

Regional Spelling Bee Competition

On Tuesday 26th March, the regional spelling bee competition took place at Queen Katharine Academy in Peterborough. Denbigh High School and Chiltern Academy travelled together taking three students from each school and three members of staff in total. We embarked on the one and a half hour journey at 2pm and all students spent the entire trip practising the 150 words that had to be learnt beforehand and testing one another. This showed a fantastic commitment and great attitude as well as work ethic from all the students who were demonstrating themselves to be proud ambassadors of their respective schools.

The three Denbigh students (two Spanish and one French) took on the best spellers of the region. The students were split into languages and competed in different rooms. They had one minute to spell as many words and phrases aloud as they could without making any mistakes, whilst two judges kept score. The words and phrases encompassed adjectives, nouns, numbers, verbs, adverbs, set phrases, etc. Our students were the first two up to compete against around 15 fifteen other schools mostly grammar, independent and village schools. Tension was building and at the end of the competition the judges compared notes to decide the top four students to go on to the final in the main theatre. We were kept on tenderhooks until after a short break but by Mrs Head's reckoning one of our Spanish students was there or thereabouts in making the top four and being able to participate in the national competition taking place in Cambridge this year, later on in the summer term.

Unfortunately our students did not make the finals in the end and consequently the national competition - Maleeha missed out by just one word having spelt thirteen words in one minute, when fourteen or upwards made the final. We would like to congratulate all three students: Maleeha Yasmine 75, Maryan Ismail 76 and Amira Akhter 73, for their hard work, preparation, courage and resilience. They certainly did Denbigh proud.

Out of over 3300 students who took part in the Spelling Bee Competition this academic year the three students earned their place amongst the last top 54 spellers in the region! Well done girls! You were the closest ever to getting Denbigh to the national finals!