Denbigh High School

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RAISE Goalball Tournament, Bedford

Our RAISE group participated in a Goalball tournament in Bedford this term. Goalball is a team sport that was designed for athletes with visual impairments. A ball with a bell inside is rolled across the floor in the hope to enter into the goal. The opposing team can try to stop the ball by using their body. The players had to wear a blindfold to ensure there was no cheating and to imitate visually impaired people. Our students worked exceptionally well and really gave 100% effort. 

The students played all of the participants from the 5 other teams who attended. The tournament was led by students from local high schools and they made our students feel very welcome and they helped them well. 

At the end of the tournament, the leaders presented awards based on the values: determination, honesty, passion, respect, teamwork and self-belief. Our very own Musaab Adrees in 115 received the award for Self Belief and received a certificate, excellent work Musaab!

All of our students were; Ali Kazmi, Musaab Adrees, Uzair Khan, Nayim Rafi, Mohammed Zohaib, Muhaysin Ahmed, Zayan Ahmed, Safa Amna Khan, Kundai Monde, played extremely well and represented the school well.