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Outstanding story from one of our Year 7 students

We would like to share this wonderful story written by Year 7 student, Shaffi Rahman (77). The story shows great advancement and imagination for his year and set. We hope you enjoy...

In a new galaxy called Equaria,10 million miles away from the milky way there stood Raiden. He was living in one of many hundred worlds. Whilst celebrating the victory against the notorious blood legion, Raiden sensed something wasn’t right. As he was the strongest of the 3 gods it was his duty to protect and serve the world. 

As Raiden got closer to what he felt, the presence felt darker and creepier, the place he protected for 630 years, called the Jinsei (named after Raiden’s father), had unleashed a devastating storm that even Raiden of many gods could not stop. Then he realised the only person who could start this storm was the devil himself Shinnok. He would have started the storm but not end it, followed by his sidekick Talion (master of control). 

Raiden was confused on how Shinnok escaped his 360-year exile from the gods and break out of the horrible spell he was cast upon. Raiden thought it would be easy taking him down but Shinnock didn’t become weaker, he came with the amulet that had been forged by the great master himself 

Kenshi (Raiden’s sidekick). No man was able to contain its powers until now. Shinnok swiftly grabbed Raiden and threw him at the Jinsei. Luckily Kenshi had followed Raiden in time to save him, as
Shinnok was unaware Kenshi used his earth-bending force to get Raiden out of the Jinsei but it became more difficult as Shinnocks army came in time to back him up. Raiden and Kenshi ran until Shinnok and his allies had lost sight of them. The two flew to the Travpeak (the safest place on Equaria) and warned the gods and citizens that Shinnok had come back bigger, badder, and stronger…

The place named Equaria was inspired from the past, meaning evil, ex-good which in other words means that good will always triumph over evil but this time it could be different. Raiden and Shinnok had a very similar past, they were made to represent a clan: Black Dragon for Shinnok and White Lotus for Raiden. Shinnok and Raiden fought for 3632 years trying their best for their clan, at the end of the war they came to be the strongest people alive.

When Raiden reached the Travspeak and told everyone about the bad news, Sonya Blade of many people stepped out of the huge crowd there was around Raiden and volunteered to risk her life for the safety of Equaria. Raiden was speechless and then realised, “Wait, you’re Hasashi Khan’s daughter aren’t you?”, Yup she replied in glory. Raiden said no more and took her assistance.

Three weeks later they all gathered together and went on a journey to the Lin Kuei kingdom to speak to the king Shang Tsung. They came to an agreement that they would be allowed to take the strongest princess they had. Turns out the princess named Kitana was trapped in a control spell. Shang Tsung said “you can take her unless your able to save her from this spell”, he said. They were full of joy when they found out they were able to save her. As they were taking her to the Travspeak, Kitana had different plans than be cured, so she grabbed Raiden and bruised him on the shoulder but Kenshi grabbed her with force and Sonya started giving her 562 punches each minute. As soon as they passed a graveyard, they saw Kitana’s dead father Shao Khan and threw her there, suddenly she started fading away and she opened a rift to the Travspeak. They all went in and got home safely. Kitana was finally being given treatment and Sonya had thanked Raiden for the journey, then she left for her home to get rest but Kenshi and Raiden had some unfinished business on their hands…

Shinnocks most loyal guard sounded the warhorn for 20 minutes until Shinnock came and slit his throat but Talion saw Raiden with an army and they were marching their way. While Shinnocks army stood at 21.5 million troops Raiden’s was standing 30 million, his army was full of monks, Samurais and dragons. This war became the bloodiest battle in the history of battles. Two masters named Shin and Fujin had seen the red sky before and realised “MASTER RAIDEN!, MASTER KENSHI! DONT BATTLE WITHOUT ME!” they yelled, they then flew over and couldn’t believe their eyes that they were battling Shinnok, so then they joined. While Raiden's Samurais were ruthlessly slaughtering the other team the monks were protecting Raiden. None of the dragons survived a wave but they tried. It took 243,593 Samurais to murder Talion and 21.4 million more troops to break through Shinnocks shield. They later found out that one of the gods were helping in the war against Raiden, no god had ever disobeyed Raidens laws, then that god faded away. While they were unaware Shinnok used the amulet, he never felt so powerful in his life, he felt so...alive! “HA, HA, HA, know I can easily end your pathetic lives for good no-man can stop me now!” he said in a dark voice. But the only way to defeat him was to burn his legs and so Fujin did just that. The flames started to make Shinnok not be able to feel his legs. Then Raiden used his electric powers to burn his eyes until he could see no more. While Shinnok was swinging his arm, he felt and grabbed Raiden and Raiden was pulled in the Jinsei. Kenshi got so mad and used 3 earth-bending swords to cut the amulet of his chest then his head was cut as a punishment. Now he couldn’t come back. They were finally at peace. As soon as this happened a tall wide animal approached them, “you’re Tigrar aren’t you”, Kenshi said curiously. The animal replied with a, “yes”. He explained that killing Shinnok brought him back to life as he was trapped in his spot from the gods. Kenshi then realised that it was too late to bring Raiden from the Jinsei then he had cut himself for the first time in his life from depression.

Later that day, they were celebrating with their army. But Kenshi was still depressed, then he was grabbed by a heavy cold hand he slowly turned around and gasped, “old sport!” Raiden yelled, Kenshi was confused at how Raiden came back, “b...but I saw you vanish from the Jinsei” he said slowly. Raiden talked about how he was too strong to be contained and as the night went on it was happily lit with fireworks. But Raiden still had some things to do… “Katana! Katana! You are in heaven!” said Raiden, Katana thought it was impossible but she then saw her father and they were reunited “I knew this day would come!” she cried while muffling. And Raiden then did the last thing, Lin Kuei had to be thanked, Raiden and the kingdom took an oath and swore to forever stay blood brother as long as Raiden was alive.