Denbigh High School

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Language Festival 2018


“On Thursday, 12 July 2018, 10 students in Year 7 participated in the Languages Festival at Luton Sixth Form College. The students took taster sessions in Latin, Italian, Japanese and Spanish whereas our previous 3 Spelling Bee winners from Denbigh competed in the regional Spelling Bee Competition against other schools in Luton. The final results were outstanding: Hayfah, Maidah and Muskaan put in extremely hard effort and we are pleased to announce that  Muskaan won the Spanish Spelling Bee competition. The trophy now sits in the hands of Denbigh High School and we hope to prove even more successful in representing Denbigh as an amazing school at the next Languages Festival.”   Muskaan Arora (74)

“I took part in the language competition. I was unable to compete in the spelling bee but enjoyed learning the different languages. I got to learn Italian and Latin and I also had the opportunity to do the UKLO (UK Linguistic Olympics) puzzles and received a certificate. The winning of the trophy made us all excited, happy and proud for Muskaan. The festival was a very exciting opportunity for us and we hope to get another opportunity like this again.”  Lamia Chowdhury (77)      

“We had the chance to meet a person from Cambridge University who taught us why being bilingual is important and how it contributes to our everyday life.” Shanza Batool (75)

“We had the exciting opportunity to go to a language festival hosted by the Sixth Form College. There were many other schools at the festival, and the event felt so multicultural as there were many people from different countries there too. This was great as we had the experience of learning languages we had never come across, we had tasters in Latin, Italian, Tok Pisin and Bambara! Some of us did not even know where these were originated! Overall, I enjoyed the experience and found it extreamly exciting!”  Maidah Sohail (76) 

“Oh, what fun we had! Learning many different languages all in one day. It was a day to cherish and remember as it was a great opportunity and I hope we have the chance to do this again in the future. The puzzle solving really enhanced my learning as it was interesting and entertaining. Finally congratulations to Muskaan for coming 1st place for Spanish.”  Afsana Choudhury (74)