Denbigh High School

"High achievement for all is our shared responsibility"

Kingswood Activity Weekend

Twenty Key Stage 3 students encountered an exciting and thrilling weekend at Kingswood in Ashford which took place between 26th and 28th April. The students took part in a total of eleven activities all of which developed teamwork, resilience, courage and reduce passive learning such as abseiling, 3G swing, obstacle courses and problem solving. The students took each challenge in their stride to improve on the previous. The weekend involved lots of team building and working out how to work effectively as a team. The students struggled with this at the start, facing challenges outside their comfort zone, but together they became stronger as a team.

Ihtesham Siddiqy,84 showed courage on activities such as abseiling and the 3G swing leading the way for the team. Rahafath Rabby,83 demonstrated strong leadership skills and map reading to his group as well as developing his teamwork skills. The weekend was a huge success and confidence boost for the students and they have many exciting memories to reall. Well done boys, I hope you can apply what you have learned in the classroom.
Miss Nabarro