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Interactive Day of Languages at Cambridge University

At the start of the Spring Term, the Languages department took 10 Year 9 students to Cambridge University to discover how languages were taught at university level and to encourage them to pursue language learning later in life. Students also had the opportunity to visit Queen’s College, one of Cambridge University’s 31 colleges. Feedback from students was incredibly positive with students gaining a real understanding of the importance of language skills for their future academic and personal progress.

“The trip to Cambridge was very inspirational and I think I’ve learnt just how many opportunities and pathways are open to those who want to study a language”
Khadija Khalid | 93

“I am now thinking of pursuing languages in further education as it seems very interesting” Rania Afilal | 92

“It made me more interested in languages. Now I know the benefits of learning a language and I would like to take it as a degree or A-level.”
Mahfuz Islam | 92