Denbigh High School

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Inter-house competitions and scores


A great start for 2018 inter-house with PE leading their first football competition of the year. An impressive turn out for the Year 7’s within all of the houses and a great audience too.  The levels of engagement were outstanding and student participation rates were equally as high. The games were intense throughout the tournament and as well as the finals. The Year 7 winners for both the boys and girls were Lords who played a very talented opposition but managed to strive for the win. 

With the Year 7 inter-house completed it was time for the Year 8’s to rise to the challenge. An equally intense tournament with many participants from all houses, everyone’s pride was on the line and the Heads of Houses were cheering on their teams. A brilliant and nail-biting final with that allowed Wembley to celebrate their first competition final win for the girls and Mr Mistry celebrated the Wimbledon win with the boys. 

The Key Stage 4 inter-house competition was underway and the students’ have been eager to show the Heads of Houses how proud they were of their house. Kicking off with the Year 9 girls final, a very strong and well organised Wembley team played Lords and it went right up to the last minute with the scores tied, however, Lords managed to get that last crucial goal to secure them the victory. The Year 9 boys’ final was an incredible final but a well-played Wimbledon team beat Lords in the final. 

The Year 10 football competition brought in a lot of attention with all year groups surrounding the cage with supporters from all the houses. A very well fought inter-house competition with everything to play for and house on the line. Twickenham managed to secure the victory for both the girls and boys final to give them the full points. The current standings of the overall inter-house competition are as follows.

 We are looking forward to the next half terms inter-house competitions.