Denbigh High School

"High achievement for all is our shared responsibility"



GEMS is an acronym for Girls in Engineering, Mathematics & Science. 

GEMS club started at Denbigh High School in September 2018 with sixteen girls, selected from Years 7-9 with the aim to provide girls with a wider experience of science beyond that delivered in a classroom alone.  The girls are put into four different groups and are to work on a project of their own interest. The objective of introducing the club in Denbigh is to inspire the girls to consider careers in either engineering or mathematics or science so that they can gain future employment in an area where women are in high demand. 

The names of girls involved in GEMS club are: Malikha Uddin 97, Khairah Mannan 96, Aiela Ahmed 92, Adeva Parvez 91, Ayesha Ahmed 94, Rehanna Khan 93,  Inayah Khanum 91, Faezah Suleman 95; Samarah Fiyyaz-Din 88, Alisha Khaliq 82, Zara Malik 84; Amreen Ali 78, Haleema Baig 77, Shanzae Mirza 75, Humaira Parkar 75, Nafisa Sultana 76.

“GEMS club has allowed me to meet talented individuals and has given me the opportunity to use my skills and abilities for a group project and also appreciate the importance of teamwork. It has encouraged me to make new friends and share their passion.”  Faezah Suleman 95   


“I have enjoyed every bit of the GEMS project experience because it has enhanced my ability  to work in groups. I now appreciate the power of teamwork and how individual experience brought together can produce an outstanding outcome.” Malikha Uddin 97


“GEMS project has boosted my research skills. My group is currently researching how we can help the less economically developed countries deal with the problem associated with waterborne diseases. We were able to identify this problem through research, we are also able to find out solutions already in place and we have come up with our own idea on how we can improve the solutions already in place.” Khairah Mannan 96


“Participating in GEMS project has developed my understanding of the impact of pollution in our environment. Even though I have heard about pollution for a long time, I never thought about the problem it is causing in our environment and how the problem can be solved. Through GEMS project, my group has decided to solve the problem of pollution by carpeting our roads with piezoelectric crystal material to help conserve energy.”  Adeva Parvez 91