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French Trip to St Omer

Mrs Florand and Mr Baines from the Modern Foreign Languages department were delighted to be able to take 20 students studying French and Spanish from Years 7-9 to St. Omer in Northern France from 4-6th July.

The trip was a huge success and this is evident by the questionnaire responses we have received from students which indicate that 11/13 students scored the trip as ‘very good’ or good’.


Activities such as the trip to the beach, town visit to St. Omer and the chocolate shop all proved the most popular with 9/13 respondents rating them as excellent.

Having a chance to ride on the ferry was a new experience for many and was also rated highly as a valuable experience. Similarly, the crepe making activity and the personal chocolate bar designing were also popular.


There was a trip to a bakery and an explanation in French of the bread making process, snail tasting at the Chateau accommodation and a passport to the world game to improve cultural awareness.

Students were encouraged to develop their skills in showing empathy to others, adaptability to new situations and perspective on the world.


The foreign country trip experience was a fantastic opportunity for all students to improve their language skills, experience a new culture first hand away from the United Kingdom. This is so important for developing awareness, tolerance and confidence in our young people as they prepare for their futures.

Some students’ comments included:

“I enjoyed the trip because it was interesting to see how different France is compared to England. My favourite part was the bakery because making croissants was really fun.”  Scarlett Roy (Year 7)

“I think that the French trip gave us an insight into the normal lives of people who live in France and helped us improve our vocabulary. Overall, it was very fun, especially on the boat.” Nadiyah Hussain (Year 8)

All in all, a truly valuable experience for all involved.