Denbigh High School

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French Play

This year’s French play, organised by the French Department, took place on Thursday, 28 June and was a great success, filled all along with laughter and cheers from the students. The play was called: ‘Mes Chers Voisins’ (My Dear Neighbours). It took place in a street in a town in France and looked at the lives of these five teenagers who live on the same street. The play consisted of typical teenage aspects students could relate to such as taking pictures, selfies, and admiring celebrities like Justin Bieber. 



 The play allowed students to develop their listening skills but most importantly one of the reasons the students found the play so entertaining was that it was interactive, involving the audience and bringing students on stage and getting them to communicate using the French language they had learnt in class. 

‘It was enjoyable because we got to see our peers act and take part in the production of the play.”  Mariam  Rafique (97)

“I thought the French play was funny and very entertaining. I understood many words such as the word ‘la plage’ = the beach’ which I had recently learnt in my lessons.”  Malykah Hussain (98)

“The play was fun even though, I’m not a Justin Bieber fan.”  Hassan Khan (98)

“I was fun because I actually understood many words I had learnt in class and and found the storyline engaging.”  Tanima Ali (94) 

“The actors were so good and so funny and knew how to engage the audience.”  Aroosha Aqeel (98)