Denbigh High School

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Denbigh achieves prestigious online safety accreditation

This month Denbigh was delighted to be awarded the 360 Safe Online Safety Mark accreditation. The mark is given to schools who can demonstrate that they have “moved from a basic level provision for online safety to practice that is aspirational and innovative.” 

The process involved an eighteen month assessment period during which time staff had to rigorously evaluate every aspect of the school’s safeguarding and esafety provision, as well as explain in detail how technology for learning is used responsibly and effectively across the curriculum by all students and staff. 

On Tuesday 10th July, Denbigh was visited for a half day inspection by a 360 Safe Online Safety Mark Assessor who awarded the accreditation after saying;

“The school demonstrated a strong and very positive commitment to online safety and safeguarding through the positive and innovative use of technology. There is a balanced approach to online safety education that seeks to empower students rather than restrict them. A refreshingly positive and thoughtful approach to the use of technology in all areas of school life means a healthy respect for technology and the internet was present across all staff and students.”

Mrs Corder was the lead for the Online Safety Mark assessment, with support from Mrs Darcy and a wide range of school staff. Denbigh has become the only secondary school in Bedfordshire to achieve the accreditation.