Denbigh High School

"High achievement for all is our shared responsibility"

Denbigh Recognition Awards


We are extremely pleased and proud to have received SSAT (Schools, Students and Teachers Network) national recognition for:

 Pupil progress and outcomes (2017)

Exceptional education: principled curriculum design

Exceptional education: effective learning behaviours

 The last two arise from our membership of Leading Edge Schools – a group of nationally acknowledged high performing schools.

You will be aware that a structured part of planning and evaluating our improvement journey towards world-class educational practice and standards includes our engagement with the SSAT’s Framework for Exceptional Education. This process involves peer review with other schools and a scrutiny and moderation cycle involving external experienced school leaders.

As a result of a great deal of collaborative work to date this year, I am very pleased to receive the SSAT’s confirmation of our transformational practice in two of the framework’s ten evaluation strands, namely: effective learning behaviours; and principled curriculum design. 

These add to the accredited strand for Denbigh from the last academic year, focusing on the use of assessment and data to support learning.

We have received two substantial summary reports, both of which are extremely complimentary. Two examples stated below, typical of the sentiments are:

At Denbigh High, the approach to curriculum is holistic, coherent and integrated. Decision-making is driven by a clearly articulated vision and absolute determination to provide individual learners with the highest quality learning experiences. 

At any time, any student is able to relay the school’s ethos that ‘high achievement for all is our shared responsibility’. They can explain clearly the values that the school upholds, and identify a culture of striving for excellence together. Staff also buy into this ethos and endeavour to role model exceptionally high standards and expectations. 

Fundamentals such as immaculate uniform, excellent attendance and punctuality, and mutual tolerance and respect, can be clearly evidenced as soon as you enter the school. The atmosphere is purposeful yet calm. Students work diligently and are proud of their school, and of their achievements.

 Denbigh High School is a perfect example of how a clear and strategic approach to developing positive learning behaviours can transform the quality of teaching and learning in lessons (as staff can take more risks in the classroom as behaviour is outstanding), as well as improving both student outcomes and progress, to well above the national average in each. 

Many thanks and congratulations go to all staff members for the collective part played in determining, embedding and sustaining these exceptional standards.