Denbigh High School

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Denbigh Primary Rap Day

On Tuesday 2nd July, 9 Year 9 French students, including myself, walked down to Denbigh Primary School, where we spent the day teaching Year 5 students French, enabling them to write their own raps in French.   

Once we arrived, we were assigned to our groups, and we were sent to our classes, where we showed our presentations that we prepared a few weeks before the visit. By teaching the students simple, mandatory vocabulary, they were then able to write their own raps - in French! Once two teams were declared as the class winners, it was time for the final competition…

With Razwana and Nishat as our hosts, each team performed with enthusiasm and passion.  After all of the groups had performed, we had to choose who was the final winner, and decided on the team that performed to the best of their ability and who showed the commitment to win. 

Teaching the primary school children really helped to boost our confidence, develop our leadership skills and most importantly - it really helped our confidence and skills in French-speaking and listening. Teaching French was an amazing experience, and without a doubt, I would surely like to do this again.  Ameena Akhtar (92)

“The children were enthusiastic and learnt what we taught them quickly.” Simron Zahoor (92)

“It was fun to work with the children and it was an amazing experience.” Zahra Hassan (91)