Denbigh High School

"High achievement for all is our shared responsibility"


Colin Townsend, the Headteacher and Donna Neely-Hayes the Acting Headteacher from Denbigh High School were absolutely delighted to join so many excited and successful students who attended to collect their 2018 GCSE results today. 

 Mr Townsend reflected that, at a time where it is recognised that the current and changed GCSEs are more challenging, students and families should be rightly proud that their hard work and determination has paid off so handsomely for most. Mrs Neely-Hayes added her thanks to all of Denbigh’s staff who have as ever worked tirelessly to support students in attaining their best individual outcomes. 

 This year almost all GCSE subjects receive new grading where scale 9 is the highest standard. 34 students at Denbigh scored at least one scale 9 award, whilst 118 students at Denbigh scored at least one scale 7 award or higher, broadly the equivalent of a previous grade ‘A’. 16 students gained 10 or more passes each at grades 9-7. Mr Townsend estimates that student progress overall for Denbigh will this year as in previous years remain a very significant strength of the school, despite any changes nationally.