Denbigh High School

"High achievement for all is our shared responsibility"

CLT Saracens Mascots

On Sunday 11th November 80 students from Denbigh High School, Challney High School, Chiltern Academy and Putteridge High School embarked on a journey down to Alianz Park, the home of the mighty Saracens. 

We arrived at 13:00, two hours before kick off, we were excited by our surroundings. We spent the first hour exploring the stadium and settling down to eat some lunch. This helped to calm our nerves before our big moment. We were so desperate to see the clash between Saracens and Worcester. We quickly found our seats and were handed Saracens flags to wave, the excitement grew.

The time came for us to meet the Saracens staff who took us to the back of the stadium. There they showed us what we will be doing before the game. Four ginormous shirts were presented in front of us. We each grabbed a handle and stretched out our shirt. We practised waving and manoeuvring the shirt. The moment finally arrived for us to take our place on the pitch. As we walked out of the tunnel to a huge roar of a packed stadium our minds were focused on our task, nerves had subsided and were overtaken by joy and excitement. There we were in the middle of the pitch waving, shaking and moving the big shirt whilst being live on BT Sport for the nation to see. Once the players came out and took their place on the pitch the stadium then fell silent as we all observed two minutes silence for Our Fallen Heroes for Armistice Day. As the referee blew his whistle we strode off with the big shirt, waving at the players, some even waved back! 


We finally got back to our seats and watched our heroes kick off the match. It was fantastic, there was a tackle here, a kick there, it was immense. As the half came to an end we quickly made our way over to the touchline ready to run onto the pitch again. This time we will be playing on the pitch. The whistle blew for halftime and it was time for us to play Tag Rugby. We quickly got into our teams and the referee blew for us to have a go at emulating our heroes that we’d just seen. Our games were played in great spirits and everyone loved the experience. Such an amazing opportunity.


We returned to our seats, the second half started and was full of suspense as many tries and conversions were scored,  some players felt the full force of crunching tackles and went off injured, but the entertainment continued. As full-time drew close we watched in anticipation as Saracens comfortably led and saw out the game victorious. We were so grateful when the players came over after the match to talk to us and have their pictures taken with us. What was even more amazing was to see Dom Morris in action. Two years earlier he had come and supported our Inaugural Tag Rugby Tournament.


What an incredible day we’d had. We’d like to thank everyone at Saracens for making an ordinary Sunday a Spectacular Sunday.

 Mr Mistry