Denbigh High School

"High achievement for all is our shared responsibility"

British Science Week 2019

Science Week at Denbigh started with a bang with an explosive assembly led by Mr Rashid and a group of Year 7 and Year 9 students.The assembly emphasised careers in science and how science is applicable to everyday life.

Later on Monday one Year 10 class took part in a video conference with two scientists from CERN, where they learned about the work of the ATLAS project and how they are researching ideas about the universe by looking at subatomic particles.

Tuesday was a very busy and vibrant day in the Main Hall. Sixty Year 7 students were working towards their bronze CREST award creating posters to showcase their findings from an investigation into the effectiveness of antacids. In the afternoon, the two top set computer science Year 7’s sets were working on their Astro Pi project. This collaboration between science and computer science had students design a code that they then sent into space so that it could be run on the International Space Station.

On Wednesday, a group of students form Year 9 were rewarded with a trip to the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, where they had a fabulous time watching live shows and getting involved with the ‘hands on’ exhibitions.

Affinity Water came to Denbigh on Thursday to lead workshops with Year 8 and 9 students. The workshops involved problem solving activities that had the students designed, built and test a water supply network as well as discuss water related issues both locally and globally.

On Friday afternoon, students raced the cars they designed earlier in the term for the Race for the Line competition. The group with the fastest car was “The Formula 1 Racers” who will be going to race in the regional finals in April.