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Berkhamsted Women in Leadership Talk

On the 25th April 2019, I along with several other students were truly privileged to be given the opportunity to go to Berkhamsted School to attend a talk about Women In Leadership which was very inspiring and motivational, led by five amazing women fighting to break the ‘glass ceiling’.

During this time we learned a lot about how women have a much harder time to reach the top and what we should do to meet our goals. Each inspirational woman told us about their story about reaching the top and breaking all stereotypes of women. Throughout, the panellist shared their experience in working in male dominated careers and the challenges that they faced; many of which are still present decades later such as gender biased and social and financial imbalances in the workplace.

Personally, I was inspired by the woman who talked about joining the Royal Airforce in her early twenties. She had spoken to us about what she had to do to be the woman she is today. During her time she had many challenges to face in order to break stereotypes of women so that she could be given the opportunity to join the airforce and become a great leader.

Some exceptional advice that inspired me personally, was that she told us to stay strong and be committed to our dreams. There should be no limits to what we hope to achieve. This night was truly marvellous and we we left feeling motivated and inspired, ready to tackle the future and become one of the many exceptional women leaders of our time.

I would personally like to thank Ms Pather, Mrs Corder, Ms Baig and Mrs Armstrong for giving us the opportunity to listen to such inspiring women.

Adeva Parvez 91