Denbigh High School

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Accessing Oxbridge Lecture at Denbigh


On Friday the 26th of April, Mo Tanweer a consultant from Cambridge University visited Denbigh to speak to sixty of the best minds at Denbigh to inspire them. He told us we needed to aspire to reach our goals and aim to be the best we could be. As more and most able students many of us are striving towards attending a prestigious college which is part of one of the Oxbridge universities.

Mo Tanweer spoke to us about his journey starting from when he first came to this country at the age of six. He wasn’t an exceptional student but tried his hardest. When speaking to a teacher at his school she introduced him to economics. He sparked a passion for the subject and wanted to pursue his lust for the subject further. His aspirations meant that he worked hard and did everything he could to become the best version of himself. Mo attended Cambridge university where he achieved an MA (hons) in Economics. He was an investment banker for five years until he decided he wanted to move into education, where he has been for over a decade.

Mo helped us and answered our questions regarding the development of our CV’s and Personal statements prior to our journey away from high school. He spoke and told us about how he wished he had the support when making his journey out of high school. He was lost and confused but paved his own route to success. Mo used his failures as an example. He repeated that we had to aspire highly so we could be the best we could be.

As well as guiding us for our personal statements and CV’s Mo told us about the difficult task of being accepted into some of the most prestigious colleges in the world. Prior to entry, students looking to study further at Oxbridge would have to write a personal statement, complete an entry test (write an essay) and they would have to complete an interview with a specialist in the field. All applicants proceed through each stage. Based on the overall performance of the applicant, they will be judged by the interviewer and a decision will be made.

Mo outlined that many people think it is only the smartest mind who can go to Oxbridge. Universities look for well rounded people. Mo was not the smartest nor the most vocal, but he had a passion for what he did and his interviewer was impressed with his outlook on his high aspirations and dreams.

Oxford and Cambridge offer a wide range of different courses. Later in the talk, Mo told us that students can apply for either Oxford or Cambridge and not both. Many courses are similar nd some different. Mo made his decision to attend Cambridge as they offered Economics on its own whereas Oxford offered a completely different course called Economics and Management.

The talk was amazing and allowed me to understand what happens and needs to happen after university. Mo helped a lot and gave me some ideas as to what I need to include for my CV and personal statement when applying for university. He inspired us all to aspire high and aim to attend one of the prestigious colleges within Oxbridge.

Sulaiman Shaukat 103