Denbigh High School

"High achievement for all is our shared responsibility"

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is designed to support all young people to become someone who:

  •         enjoys learning, now and in the future
  •         always strives to achieve the very best in everything they do
  •         thinks carefully about the consequences of their actions on other people
  •         is well-prepared for life after school
  •         has an understanding of fundamental British values, including those of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, respect and tolerance
  •         has the knowledge, understanding and skills to be a responsible citizen and lead a successful and happy life regardless of where they live.

There is a pervasive learning culture within the school which involves teachers as well as pupils.  Quality Assurance Review | September 2017

Our curriculum provides for flexible learning around a well-balanced core of knowledge and skills. We provide courses and progression routes to enable students to realise their full potential. We have a strong focus on literacy and numeracy that supports many of our students to achieve the English Baccalaureate by the end of Year 11.

As well as academic success, we also recognise the importance of the wider curriculum in extending, interpersonal and communication skills, teamwork and flexibility through students’ experience. We provide many activities which ensure that learning is nurtured through rich and varied experiences beyond the classroom. We provide educational visits, clubs, sporting opportunities, field trips, master classes, competitions, fundraising events, theatre trips and music workshops. In Year 11 students are also given the opportunity to go on work experience.

Please download the curriculum booklet which also contains explanations about the various qualifications:

PDF icon Curriculum Information Booklet

‘A rich and varied curriculum offers alternative pathways to meet the needs and interests of all learners.’ Quality Assurance Review September 2016